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The CondoWong Story

From an Engineer to a Real Estate Broker

Dan came to Canada alone in 1991 after he finished high school in La Salle College in Hong Kong. He graduated from the University to Toronto with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He worked in a few giant technology companies designing chips for high definition TVs. He climbed the corporate ladder, became a manager and was making $160,000 per year. He realized that a high pay job was just an illusion of stability because engineers in the high-tech industry were famous for long working hours and layoffs.

He started looking for other ways to generate income. Stocks? Real estate? Start a business? He wasn’t ready to quit his job and he had always lost money in the stock market, so he decided that the best option at the time would be to buy a couple condos and rent them out. His condo buying experience of “Sign here, sign here, sign here. Congratulations! Bye!” inspired him to put engineering and real estate together to create value.

With this mission in mind, he started a real estate brokerage with his own brand “CondoWong”. In 8 years’ time, he had over 100,000 viewers on his seminars and YouTube videos and he has helped 2,297 clients build more wealth.