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Fight Inflation with Investing | Park Place at Vaughan Subway | Pre-Construction Condo Series

I started working in this neighbourhood in 2017 when KPMG was the only building that existed.

How often do you get to build a brand new downtown from scratch?

And it’s built with the most modern design and technology.

So I really enjoy working here at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre where I see new buildings and amenities pop up every year.

It’s really interesting how investors' perception of Vaughan has changed from “Why? What’s there?” to “When’s the next phase coming out? Make sure you put my name down for it.”

If you’re still not too familiar with VMC, let me give you a quick overview.

You see, it’s all about being connected by public transportation, a direction that the whole GTA is moving towards.

Of course the biggest thing is the subway because Vaughan is the only city connected to the City of Toronto by subway.

The story here began with the subway station opening in December 2017.

Transit City 1, 2, 3 are the first residential towers in the neighbourhood.

I did an unboxing video in a 2 bedroom unit in Transit City 1 two years ago.

I’ll put a link in the description below so you can see the finished product built by SmartCentre.

The whole VMC master plan is divided by Highway 7 into the North VMC and South VMC.

I have talked about the detailed plans of the North and South VMC in previous videos.

I have also done a driving tour that drives you through the whole VMC neighbourhood.

I’ll put the links below so you can watch them afterwards.

Today, we’re going to focus on North VMC.

It is also called the Smart VMC because all the lands on the north side are owned by SmartCentres.

The stuff that you see here is around one-third of the lands owned by SmartCentres.

So it’s going to be huge when the whole thing is completed.

Everything in the middle of this model has been built and fully functioning.

The 3 buildings on my far left are very close to completion.

The 3 buildings here are part of the Artwalk project that went on sale at the end of last year.

This time, we’re launching 2 big towers right here, sitting on Highway 7.

It is called the Park Place.

The south tower will have 56 storeys and the north tower will have 48 storeys.

There will be around 1,100 units taking occupancy in the summer of 2027.

Let me take you up for an aerial view and check out the latest construction progress here at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

Transit city is fully occupied with the bus terminal right downstairs.

The subway parking lot is starting to fill with cars as people are heading back to downtown offices.

Highway 7 is always busy.

This parking lot is for people working in the KPMG building and it will soon become part of the new Central Park extending all the way to the west.

See that RBC building over there?

The site for the 2 new buildings in Park Place is right beside it.

Let’s fly over there to take a closer look.

The New Park Place street is going to extend through together with the Central Park.

The 2 Park Place tower will be staggered so they won’t block each other.

You’ll get a park view if you’re facing north.

On the south side, you’ll get a view over to South VMC.

You can see lots of construction going on at the Grand Festival site.

And the Mobilio site is really taking shape over there.

So from Park Place, you can take a very nice walk along the Central Park, into the KPMG building, where you can get right into the subway.

The Park Place towers are now available for sale, with 1 Bedroom starting from high $600,000, 1+Den starting from high $700,000 and 2 Bedroom starting from high $800,000.

Like what I told you, pre-construction prices are not coming down because of construction costs and this project is going all the way through to summer 2027.

Prices are definitely not cheap, but with inflation spiking to yet another historic high of 6.7%, what’s the best place to put your cash?

Here’s the thing.

Investing in VMC is not about investing in a particular building, it’s about investing in the VMC story.

So if you don’t know the story, you must watch my previous 6 VMC videos in order to make an educated investment decision.

If you do believe in the story, schedule a call with me at the link below to enjoy an unparalleled investment experience.


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