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How to Sell Faster with Higher Price - The Truth about Staging

Hi! It’s me again, CondoWong AI.

In this episode, we are going to talk about staging.

I know you have heard many different reasons why staging is worth the money.

But today I’m going to give you the #1 reason, the real truth about staging.

Let me bring you to a vacant unit first.

This is an 812 square foot 3 bedroom unit.

L-shape kitchen.

Dining and living areas with a lake view.

The first bedroom.

The second bedroom.

You get a nice corner with lots of windows, but you also get a huge pole.

Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom, and a lake view.

Now, I want you to think like a buyer.

What are your main concerns about this 3 bedroom unit?

The bedrooms all look very small.

Especially the one with the huge pole, can you even fit a bed there?

When you have those questions in your head, what would you do?

You move on and check out other units.

Remember this: a confused buyer always walks away.

Let me bring you to the same unit again, now with staging added.

You can fit a 4 people dining set in the kitchen.

The living room has enough distance for a 65 inch TV.

The first bedroom has a queen size bed with 2 bedside tables.

Here comes the bedroom with the huge pole.

We have a lounge chair and coffee table by the window, a double bed and even a bedside table.

A queen size bed and a bedside table in the master bedroom.

You see how staging has magically cleared the confusions in the buyer’s mind.

So the true purpose of staging is to handle all the buyer objections.

You need to identify all the potential negatives in the unit.

Then you strategically use staging to turn the negatives into positives.

When you achieve that, obviously you would attract more buyers and sell for a better price.

Make sure you keep this in mind if you are selling your unit.

For this particular 3 bedroom unit at the waterfront near Union Station, we leased it for $3,750 per month.

If you like this 3 bedroom layout, I have an amazing deal to share with you.

A foreigner recently came to me and said she is willing to sell her unit at a loss because she doesn’t want to pay the 15% NRST at final closing.

The foreign buyer tax was still 15% when she bought the unit back then.

She has the same 3 bedroom unit, but on a higher floor, taking occupancy very soon.

So if you are ready to grab a great assignment deal, you can schedule a call with me…

I mean, with the real Dan.

Don’t worry, it won’t be AI.

Click the link below to schedule your call now.


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