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Last Chance to Buy Toronto Condos with Only 10% Deposit In Downtown Toronto | Daniels on Parliament

Almost every year over the past 10 years, I would come to Regent Park to talk to you about the 10% deposit opportunity for a new building.

Every time, I was super excited.

This time, my feelings are mixed.

Because this will be the last time I talk to you about a 10% deposit opportunity in Regent Park.

Daniels on Parliament will be the last condo in Daniels’ Regent Park legend.

Tridel will be building the next chapter here.

And I’m sure Tridel will bring Regent Park to the next level.

In terms of pricing and deposit structure, we won’t see anything similar to what Daniels has to offer.

So if you do not own a unit in Regent Park, now is the best time.

And it is the very last time you can enjoy the 10% deposit program.

Daniels on Parliament has 2 towers.

The 10-storey North Tower and the 25-storey South Tower.

We sold the small one 6 months ago during the market crash.

Like I told you before, Regent Park always sells in whatever market conditions.

From Financial Crisis to Covid to market crash.

When we launched the small tower last September, I actually received quite a few phone calls from other developers.

They were complaining about the low pricing that Daniels offered.

Other developers won’t get anywhere near because they have to pay a much higher price for the land.

Daniels got the land from the government as part of the Regent Park revitalization deal back in 2006.

On that note, Daniels lost the bid to Tridel in 2020 for future revitalization phases in Regent Park.

According to TCHC, Tridel had the highest nominal offer.

That includes buying the land and giving a profit share to TCHC for the condo units.

You see, that’s exactly why you won’t see the same kind of prices in Regent Park again.

The golden chance you have right now is:

5% deposit in 30 days.

Another 5% in 200 days.

You won’t need a mortgage until 2026.

Studio units will start from low $500,000.

Let me bring you over to the site.

The Daniels on Parliament site is at the southeast corner of Parliament and Gerrard.

Look at that beautiful downtown skyline.

The unit I am in right now has a very special meaning to me.

Back in 2017, this 20-year old girl was working in my office part time.

She saw that Daniels was offering the lowest deposit program in town.

She grabbed the opportunity without hesitation and decided to work really hard to save up for the down payment.

I’m so proud of her and it is truly my honour to film from her balcony today.

This is your last chance to invest with only 10% deposit in Regent Park.

There are only 313 opportunities available.

If you’re ready to grab it, schedule a call with me at the link below.


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