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Shocking Truth on 2019 Condo Market

The Shocking Truth on 2019 Condo Market

This seminar was conducted in Cantonese, click here for an English translation

Toronto Properties for Canadians Living in Hong Kong

Seminar - Toronto Properties for Canadians Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Canadian Series

Hong Kong Canadians #7

Purchase Procedure
A Quick Step-by-Step Guide

Hong Kong Canadians #6

Pre-Construction vs Resale
Which One to Choose?

Hong Kong Canadians #5

Cash Flow
Rental Income and Expenses

Hong Kong Canadians #4

15% Non-Resident Speculation Tax
Do Canadian Non-Residents Pay?

Hong Kong Canadians #3

How? From Where? How Much?

Hong Kong Canadians #2

Non-Resident Status
Rental Property Tax Implications

Hong Kong Canadians #1

Invest in Canada from Hong Kong

Condo BB Class Series

BB Class #7

Interim and Final Closings
How are the differences?

BB Class #6

Tarion New Home Warranty
What does it cover?

BB Class #5

Development Charges
Who Pays? How Much? Why?

BB Class #4

Final Closing Costs
How Much Should You Budget?

BB Class #3

15% Extra Land Trasfer Tax

BB Class #2

The Greater Golden Horseshoe
Definition and Plans

BB Class #1

New Tenant Eviction Rule
Effective September 1, 2017

Seminar Series

August 2017 Market Update

How did the new housing policies affect our market?

March 2017 Market Update

What's going on with the Condo Market in 2017?

December 2016 Appreciation

CondoWong Appreciation Event at The Upper House in Hong Kong

June 2016 Townhouses

Richmond Hill/Markham
Townhouse Seminar

Sept 2015 Closings

Closing Costs, HST Rebate and Condo Flipping

May 2015 Investment

CondoWong's Most Recommended Condo Investment in 2015

April 2015 Neighbourhoods

How to Select the Condo Neighbourhood for your Goals