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North York Condo Tour - Luxury Penthouse Model Home at Concord Park Place

When was the last time we have a model home in an actual building?

Today, I’m going to bring you into a luxury condo unit in North York Concord Park Place.

We’re now in a 1,000 square feet 3 bedroom unit on the penthouse level.

See how spacious it is, especially with the 10 foot ceiling.

Now, I want to bring your attention to this absolutely stunning kitchen, where the developer has put in a lot of effort and money.

Just the integrated fridge itself costs $10,000.

This magic corner is included as a standard.

Stylish, high end, practical. You get them all in this kitchen.

Let’s check out the view from this 200 square feet balcony.

We are now looking north onto Sheppard Avenue.

These are all buildings in the Concord Park Place community.

The condo that looks like a staircase over there is the Tridel Scala.

This site will be home to King’s Landing, the condo collection with ultimate luxury in this community.

The 6-acre park.

The largest community centre in North York.

And the Bessarion subway station right over there.

Looking over to the west, we see the Bayview Village area and all those condos along Yonge Street.

Now, let’s tour the suite.

Amazing views with the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Bathroom with floor-to-ceiling porcelain tiles.

Notice how the wooden doors bring in that upscale feel.

Everything you see here are standard finishes in this building.

Super bright master bedroom sitting at the northwest corner.

You even get built-in closet organizers in all bedrooms.

This type of 3 bedroom unit is selling for around $1.3 million dollars.

I also have a 2 bedroom unit in this same building and I have just rented it out for $3,000.

Let me tell you something special.

This building besides me is called Saisons.

The developer is offering to pay your mortgage for the first year.

And this offer is only valid until end of March.

If you want to know more, you can schedule a call with me with the link below.


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