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What's the monthly rent of my apartment in Hong Kong?

Last time, we visited New York.

This time, I want to show you Hong Kong!

A few weeks ago, Hong Kong finally relaxed the quarantine requirements and I couldn’t wait to come back because I haven’t seen my parents for 3 years.

I still have to wear a mask even though I’m filming because you may get a ticket for not wearing a mask in a public place and the penalty is $10,000 Hong Kong Dollars, that’s almost $2,000 Canadian dollars.

Hong Kong’s entry requirement is now 0+3.

Upon arrival at the airport, I had to do a PCR test.

It was really easy and only took 5 minutes for me.

Then I was free to go without having to wait for the result.

That was Day 0.

Now, I get this amber code on my phone.

Every restaurant checks this code and I won’t be able to get in.

So I’m free to walk around, but I just can’t eat out.

Today is Day 2 and I have to do another PCR test.

If everything goes well, my amber code is going to turn blue tomorrow on Day 3 and I’ll be free.

For this trip, I’m staying at Pacific Place Apartments.

Let’s go check it out.

Come on in.

Very spacious living and dining areas.

And I even get a partial view of Victoria Harbour.

This is a 1 bedroom unit, around 1,200 square feet.

This size is considered huge in Hong Kong.

A typical one bedroom unit is around 400 square feet or so.

I would describe this location as luxury and convenience at the same time.

I just have to take the elevator downstairs, then I have the Pacific Place shopping mall, restaurants and supermarkets.

In terms of transportation, taxis, subway, the tram, buses are all downstairs.

Unbeatable location.

Of course, that all comes with a price.

What’s the monthly rent here? Take a guess.

$78,000 Hong Kong Dollars.

With the weak Canadian dollar these days, that comes to almost $14,000 Canadian dollars per month.

If you look at it the other way around, Canadian properties are like on sale to Hong Kong investors, they are 10% cheaper compared to a year ago just because of the weak Canadian dollar.

That’s why I received so much interest from Hong Kong Canadians these days.

If you’re in Hong Kong and you’d like to meet with me in person, you can click the link below and schedule a meeting with me at my Causeway Bay office.


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